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Meet Our Team

Our History

MassiveVoice was founded by Alex & Brian when they were working on a project for a major broadcasting company. Having both grown up in Brooklyn, NY, they learned at an early age the importance of lending a hand and giving back to the community. Brian was an active member of his alumni club and Alex was a volunteer at his local fire department. The idea was hatched when they were both lamenting about how hard it was for organizations to reach their audiences when they lacked the technical knowledge to do so. Knowing they could lend a hand, MassiveVoice was born!

I knew we could really make a difference if we applied the technical knowledge we possessed, to level the playing field, and provide a "Massive" online voice for these smaller organizations.

Brian Armstrong, Co-Founder of "MassiveVoice"

Brian Armstrong

Co-Founder. Designer, Marketer, & UX Specialist.

Alex Synnott

Co-Founder. Designer, Marketer, & Client Acquisition Specialist.

Sara Armstrong

Recent conscript. Advertising, Fundraising, and Social Media Guru.